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Mark Johnson For Arkansas

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Mike Huckabee

Senator Mark Johnson is a much-needed leader in the Arkansas State
Senate. He has championed letting working people keep more of their
paychecks by cutting their taxes. Mark is “conviction conservative”
whose consistent votes to protect the sanctity of life has helped earn
Arkansas the distinction of being the most pro-life state in America.
Mark is a courageous defender of the Second Amendment and believes
criminals should pay for crimes — not the victims. He has worked
hard to bring school choice options to ALL parents, not just the
affluent, and he has been personally involved in recruiting business
and industry to the state.
I’ve known Mark for 30 years, and I trust him. He’s actually MY
Senator in the district where I live, and I was glad to personally
contribute the maximum amount I could to his campaign. For me, it’s
an investment in good government and a desire to stand with someone
who stands boldly for issues that matter to me.
I’m asking for your support to join me to reelect Mark Johnson to the
Arkansas State Senate - District 17!
Mike Huckabee
Governor of Arkansas 1996-2007

Lieutenant Governor
Tim Griffin

Senator Mark Johnson is a strong conservative voice for central Arkansas. He has a proven track record of fighting to lower taxes, give parents and kids more choices in education, and defend conservative Arkansas values. I am proud to endorse Mark Johnson for re-election.

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Arkansas democrat gazette
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State Senator
Ricky hill

Please join me in supporting my friend,

Senator Mark Johnson, District 17,

in his re-election to the State Senate.

Sen. Johnson is a real conservative voice that speaks for the State of Arkansas.

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State Senator
Ben Gilmore

During my time in the Senate, I have witnessed firsthand Senator Johnson’s leadership and strong voice when it was time to stand up for the issues that are important to the people of his district and all Arkansans. Senator Johnson has my support for his re-election and I know he will continue to be a conservative voice in the Arkansas State Senate.

Senator Mark Johnson is a valuable member of the Arkansas State Senate. He has a wealth  of institutional background and knowledge that can be gained only through years of personal  exposure to state government. Mark’s father, Supreme Court Justice Jim Johnson, mentored  Mark in the inter-workings of state government for decades.  

Now, Senator Mark Johnson uses his experience and knowledge to represent conservative  values for Arkansans. Recently, Mark co-sponsored and voted for the largest tax cut in Arkansas  history. His Pro-Life voting record is solid and unchallenged. His defense of the Second  Amendment is steadfast and firm. He has worked tirelessly to promote jobs and new business for  his district and the state 

Mark was raised and educated in Conway and Faulkner County. Twelve years as a Conway  School District Wampus Cat graduating in the Class of 72 and 4 years at Hendrix College.  Mark’s roots run deep in District 17. Mark’s love for his hometown is only surpassed by his hard  work and dedication to the people he serves.  

When I need a Senator to support conservative values and common sense in the Arkansas  State Senate I depend on Senator Mark Johnson. Please join me and help re-elect Senator Mark  Johnson. I am asking for your vote and support. 

State Senator
Ron Caldwell

State Senator
Ron Caldwell

State Senator
Ron Caldwell

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bart hester.jpeg

State Senator
Bart Hester

I am proud to endorse my colleague Senator Mark Johnson. I am proud of our conservative record and look forward to continuing to work with Mark to continue make Arkansas the best State in the country to live, work, and retire in.

State Senator
Jason Rapert


There is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother (Proverbs 18:24). 

I value friendship and courage. My friend Sen. Mark Johnson has been both a good friend and has courageously stood with me on many important conservative votes — never wavering. 
As State Senator representing Conway and a large part of Faulkner County since 2013, I have worked closely with my fellow legislators to serve our area. Since 2019, my longtime friend and now colleague Senator Mark Johnson has also served other parts of Faulkner County. With the recent redistricting, Mark will now also represent much of what has been my Senate district, including the City of Conway. He is a true Christian conservative who has a proven record of fighting for our religious liberties and opposing government corruption. 

Senator Johnson and I worked together last session to cut personal income taxes and sales taxes, and he was a tremendous help to me as we passed legislation that has solidified Arkansas as the most pro-life state in America. He was a leader in the Senate on Election Integrity issues, and sponsored the law that now protects our historical monuments.

Senator Johnson is a Conway native, and a proud Wampus Cat - I am excited to endorse him for re-election in the newly drawn Senate District 17. There are a lot of good people running for office in the Republican Party this year - I am friends with many who are actually running against each other. I wish everyone all the best who chooses to run for public office, but I must support friends who have stood solid with me in the trenches and have a proven record of always fighting for conservative policies. Proven conservative leadership is something none of us
should overlook. Senator Mark Johnson will continue to fight for conservative principles in our state and I hope you will vote for him to continue serving in the Arkansas Senate. 

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