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Ethics in Government

Like our parents taught us, Integrity is how we act when no one is watching. In the recent past, several current and former Arkansas legislators have been indicted or pled guilty to Federal charges related to stealing state tax funds. Funding for needed state projects have been siphoned off into the pockets of crooks. Some of those crooks were even able to receive a pension check from the State of Arkansas while in prison for these crimes! Arkansas laws must be strengthened to stop this outrageous behavior.  Mark pledges to continue to fight for these reforms.

Second Amendment Rights

The right to keep and bear arms is again under assault from the left. The Second Amendment to the Constitution is clear that these rights shall not be infringed. Millions of law-abiding gun owners are not the problem in America. The problem is criminals who would ignore any new gun laws just as they ignore all current laws. Mark co-sponsored several Second Amendment protection bills, including Act 250, the so-called “Stand Your Ground” law, which clarifies an individual’s right to use deadly force when faced with imminent danger.


When it comes to protecting the most vulnerable, there is no room for compromise. Mark supported all of the pro-life bills that came before the Senate in his first term, helping Arkansas to be recognized by Americans United for Life as the “Most Pro-Life State in the Nation.”  He has a 100% rating from both the Family Council and Arkansas Right to Life.

Crime and The Breakdown of the Family

In too many cases society’s problems can be traced to the lack of a strong family in the lives of young people. Too often, government has subsidized the breakup of families. While many single parents do a wonderful job in a very difficult situation, we must acknowledge that to the greatest extent possible it is desirable for both parents to provide strong role models and guidance for their children. A common thread in many stories of youth violence is a lack of strong and cohesive families – especially young men who lack a father in the home. Policies that encourage, rather than discourage, strong family units must be promoted, along with programs that provide mentors to at-risk youth.

Tax, Spending, and Regulatory Reform

Simply put, Arkansas government is too big, too inefficient, taxes too much, and has too many regulations. We have made great progress in cutting some state taxes, but the overall state and local tax burden on Arkansas citizens, as a percentage of our per capita income, is one of the highest in the nation. As a member of the Senate Revenue and Taxation Committee, Mark worked with his colleagues to successfully lower the state income tax rate, and was also the lead sponsor of Act 1109, which completely eliminated Arkansas sales tax on gold, silver, and currency, giving them the same tax treatment as stocks, bonds, and other investments.

Cancelling the “Cancel Culture”

In the wake of the vandalism inflicted last year on the Arkansas State Capitol building, Mark sponsored Act 1003, which created criminal penalties for desecration of the Capitol and stopped the removal of our historical monuments by the agents of the cancel culture.

Election Integrity

Mark was part of a group of Republican legislators who passed multiple Election Integrity bills in the 2021 session, sponsoring or co-sponsoring over 15 election reform measures, including legislation to strengthen Arkansas’ voter ID laws and to increase ballot security.

COVID-19 Mandates

Mark supported and will continue to support efforts to protect each citizen’s freedom of conscience and right to make their own medical decisions regarding vaccines, in consultation with their own doctor, as well as legislation to end government mask mandates and to prohibit vaccine mandates by employers.

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